Sony Ericsson W600

Sony Ericsson W600Sony Ericsson today announced a second Walkman mobile phone, the Sony Ericsson W600 in New York, a unique all-in-one compact device. With the W600 consumers can, handle phone calls while listening to digital music on the move, capture great quality mega pixel images and video, experience 3D game play as well as access the Internet and e-mail.

The W600 is the second in a series of Walkman phones that deliver an open-standard-based digital music player for the mass market combined with a wide variety of key features such as:

  • easy-to-use software to copy music to the device
  • ample music storage capacity & long battery life
  • great sound quality w/ superior headphones and built-in stereo speakers
  • cutting-edge designs
  • easy connection to other devices via Bluetooth™
  • The W600 will be available in the American Market at beginning of the fourth quarter 2005.

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